Marie, Carles and their daughter Gabrielle are a beautiful french family living in Amsterdam. They contacted me to capture lasting memories of their Amsterdam lifestyle and wanted to capture unstaged family photographs through the lens of a storytelling family photographer. They discovered my portfolio through Facebook and liked the natural and candid aspect of my photography style and how love using the beauty of Amsterdam as a backdrop.

We met in the city center of Amsterdam and had a lot of the fun during the photoshoot. My main goal as a professional family photographer when shooting with kids is to make the little ones feel as comfortable as possible in front of my camera and see me as a friend. I also thrive to capture natural family photographs full of candid moments so I encourage the families to interact with each others, play, dance, run around, tickle each others...

For this french family, we used their bikes ( the main transportation mean in Amsterdam) to tell their family story,

For this specific outdoor family photoshoot in Amsterdam, we agreed to meet in the neighbourhood of Jordan which has a beautiful variety of typical Amsterdam sceneries from small streets to bridges to canal views...and more ! The ideal spot to create long lasting memories and candid family portraits.

Are you a family or couple looking to capture candid family photographs ? I am a french and english speaking professional portrait photographer based in Amsterdam and I would love to help! You can contact me here.