Creating long-lasting memories of your 4-legged best friend

Kimberley contacted me as she wanted to offer a special gift to her boyfriend for his birthday : a dog photoshoot with their beloved dog Gaia. Although I mostly photograph humans, I was touched by this project and by the idea of capturing through my lens the relationship between this couple and their aging labrador. We met in Vondelpark at the end of the day and simply walked to different spots and captured some natural looking images.

As a dog-owner myself, I always recommend my clients to bring plenty of snacks and an enticing toy for the dog. This allows me to grab the dog's attention but also to create a fun and stress-free experience during the photoshoot.



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Dog Photoshoot in Vondelpark, Amsterdam.
Dog Photoshoot in Vondelpark, Amsterdam.
Dog Photoshoot in Vondelpark, Amsterdam. Men sitting on grass next to labrador.
Couple posing with dog during a dog photoshoot
Couple petting dog during a family photoshoot
Picture of a black labrador sticking dog out. Dog Photoshoot in Amsterdam.
Human kissing dog on forehead. Dog photoshoot in Amsterdam.
Black labrador smiling at camera while having head held by hands. Dog Photoshoot in Amsterdam.
Couple playing with dog in rose garden of Vondelpark in Amsterdam.
Dog sitting on grass. Dog Photoshoot in Amsterdam.
Dog sitting on grass with teddy bear. Dog Photoshoot in Amsterdam.
Women kissing and holding labrador dog in front of sunset. Dog Photoshoot in Amsterdam.
Men holding dog in arms during dog photoshoot in Amsterdam.