When I started freelancing 2 years ago, Marina is one of the first people I met at a networking event... and what an amazing journey we have taken together ever since. From helping her grow her Yoga business to filming her incredible SWEEP YOUR BURNOUT online program, Marina has trusted me to capture high-quality authentic solo portraits of her best self for the world to see. A professional yoga photographer can help yoga teachers work on their personal branding and showcase their unique personality traits to prospective students and give a glimpse of what they bring to yoga classes.

Marina is an Amsterdam-based Yoga teacher offering online Yin and Yin-Yang lessons in english and french. She is also a burn-out survivor who transformed her life from stressed banker to joyful yoga teacher and burn-out educator.

To create new Autumnal images for her website and social media channels and support her personal branding efforts, I met Marina in Erasmuspark in Amsterdam West for a creative business photoshoot. I guided her through various yoga poses and let her have fun in front of my lens. As a commercial branding photographer, I want to capture the essence of my client's personal brand but also show their personality. For Marina, no boring headshots here but only candid and playful yoga photographs.

Are you a yoga teacher, a fitness instructor, a coach or a solopreneur? Promote your business and stand out from the competition with strong images. Contact me and book your business branding photo session with a professional portrait photographer.

Ps: Marina is french... just like me ! I offer my photosessions in both english...and French !!

Yoga teacher wearing pink shirt doing back bend on a yoga mat in Erasmuspark, Amsterdam during branding photoshoot
Animated image of yoga teacher practicing yoga at the park in autumn in Amsterdam
Yoga teacher sitting in lotus and raising arms on a yoga mat in Erasmuspark, Amsterdam during branding photoshoot
Yoga teacher kneeling on yoga mat in Erasmuspark, Amsterdam during branding photoshoot
Yoga teacher laying on back and holding knees in Erasmuspark, Amsterdam during branding photoshoot
Yoga teacher practicing yoga in Erasmuspark, Amsterdam during commercial branding photoshoot
Autumn in Erasmuspark, Amsterdam West. A yoga teacher is practicing yoga outdoors during a personal branding photoshoot.
Yoga teacher smiling at camera while laying on yoga mat in Erasmuspark, Amsterdam
Woman walking in Erasmuspark, Amsterdam during a portrait photo session
Burnout coach sitting on a yoga mat during yoga practice while posing for personal branding photographer