Amsterdam Wedding Photographer Captures Heartwarming Union of French-Dutch & Sicilian Couple

Shayna, a French-Dutch dress designer, and Giuliano, a charming Sicilian, found their love blossoming in the vibrant city of Amsterdam. Their union, a beautiful blend of three cultures, languages, and personalities, culminated in a breathtaking wedding at the historic Koepelkerk, captured by I, Amsterdam wedding photographer Alizée

Pre-Wedding Jitters and Excitement: Amsterdam Wedding Preparations

As the sun kissed the morning of their big day, I arrived early to document Shayna's preparations. Filled with emotion, her mother helped her into her exquisite, custom-designed wedding gown, the delicate blue accents reflecting her French heritage. Her transformation from daughter to bride was a moment of pure joy, the nervous anticipation palpable yet overshadowed by the immense love filling the room.

In a closeby hotel, Giuliano exuded a similar nervous excitement. His Italian best friends and father surrounded him with laughter and camaraderie, each donning white corsages before popping open a bottle of prosecco to toasting to the upcoming nuptials.

Koepelkerk Wedding Ceremon, a Grand Entrance Fit for a Fairytale

The Koepelkerk, with its soaring dome and majestic organ, served as the awe-inspiring backdrop for Shayna and Giuliano's grand entrance. Guests, a multicultural mix of friends, family, and colleagues, gathered under the gentle rain, mesmerized by the venue's grandeur.

Suddenly, the sound of a harp filled the air, a surprise arranged by Shayna for Giuliano. Tears welled up in his eyes as he witnessed his bride, accompanied by her siblings, gracefully walk down the aisle. Witnessing the love radiating between them was truly magical.

A Song of Love, Laughter, and Vows:

The ceremony commenced with a heartwarming surprise from Shayna – a beautiful rendition of an Italian song, her voice echoing through the church. This song, holding deep meaning for Giuliano's parents, tugged at the heartstrings of everyone present.

Heartfelt speeches and tearful moments followed, culminating in the exchange of vows. Their words, filled with love and unwavering commitment, painted a picture of a future etched in love and understanding. As rings were exchanged, the church erupted in joyous cheers, marking the beginning of their forever journey.

A Fairytale Exit and an Amsterdam wedding reception

Stepping out of the church as newlyweds, Shayna and Giuliano were showered with bubbles, symbolizing the joy and purity of their love. Capturing their laughter and the jubilant atmosphere amidst the dancing bubbles was a truly special moment. We then embarked on a photoshoot around the picturesque venue, immortalizing their love against the backdrop of Amsterdam's iconic canals.

The celebration continued with a delectable feast – a culinary journey through France, Italy, and the Netherlands, a tribute to their diverse backgrounds. The evening was filled with laughter, heartfelt speeches, and joyful dancing, leaving everyone with memories that would last a lifetime.

Shayna and Giuliano's amsterdam wedding was more than just a ceremony; it was a celebration of love transcending borders and cultures. Through the lens of my camera, I had the privilege of capturing not just stunning photographs, but the essence of their unique love story.

What Shayna and Giuliano said about me:

"Alizée not only took the most amazing shots at our wedding day, she also made us feel very comfortable and helped our day to be even more fun ! Her kindness, spontaneity and immense energy were so precious. She has been very professional, with so much advise and ideas, and she went beyond our expectations. And of course, the pictures are all absolutely stunning. We most definitely recommend working with Alizée to ensure having not only mindblowing pictures, but also a fantastic experience .

An immense thank you to you Alizée for giving it all !" - Read more client reviews here.

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